The removal of the notorious Indooroopilly Roundabout is one step closer after the business case backed the safety, usability and congestion busting ability of the proposed upgrade.

Infrastructure Chair David McLachlan said the Indooroopilly Roundabout Upgrade business case, which was released today, revealed the benefits of replacing the roundabout with an overpass and traffic lights.

“It’s quite clear this roundabout needs upgrading to meet the growing demand on our road network and that’s why we are investing in this important upgrade, with works scheduled to start in 2021,” Cr McLachlan said.

“This $126 million upgrade, which is jointly funded by Brisbane City Council and the Federal Government, has a cost benefit ratio of 2.0 and will support over 380 jobs for local residents and suppliers over the next four years.

“We are working hard to lead our city out of the devastating economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and job-creating projects like the Indooroopilly Roundabout Upgrade are a key driver to our economic recovery.

“The business case is an important milestone and we can now progress with the detailed planning and design, with shovels to hit the ground in 2021.”

Cr McLachlan said the business case would give residents certainty the best solution had been chosen to fix this notorious bottleneck.

“This business case shows how we narrowed down 20 potential traffic solutions to two, taking into account community consultation which led to the selection of the preferred design,” he said.

“More than 55,000 vehicles pass through the roundabout every single day and there have been 32 traffic crashes recorded between 2013 and 2018.

“This project will not only improve safety and traffic flow for all road users and pedestrians, there is also a focus on improving active travel with upgraded pedestrian and cycle paths along with improving the visual appeal of the area with new landscaping.”

Federal Member for Ryan Julian Simmonds said the people of Brisbane would embrace the Australian Government’s commitment of $50 million towards this project which would improve their daily commute.

“These projects will make a real difference to the lives of families living in our area. Fixing the bottleneck at the Indooroopilly Roundabout is crucial for moving traffic along one of our busiest arterials, Moggill Road.” Mr Simmonds said.

Councillor James Mackay (Walter Taylor Ward) said residents had received the plans for the Indooroopilly Roundabout upgrade positively, in the knowledge that Council was working towards getting works started on this project as soon as possible.

“A lot of planning and early works go into delivering a project of this dimension, removing a significant roundabout and replacing it with a much safer overpass and traffic lights solution. I look forward to seeing this project busting congestion and ensuring residents can travel safely,” Cr Mackay said.

Early works on the Indooroopilly Roundabout Intersection Upgrade will start in mid-2021 and are expected to be completed in early 2024, weather permitting.

The Indooroopilly Roundabout Upgrade business case can be found on Council’s website at

Today marks the start of Brisbane City Council’s aerial attacks on the aggressive saltmarsh mosquito as the city prepares for another busy season following last financial year’s record of the busiest mozzie spraying season in 15 years.
Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said Council’s two expert entomologists had just guided the team through one of its busiest years of mosquito treatments with weather patterns, including higher rainfall in February, leading to higher tides and more mosquito larvae.
In the past financial year Council covered more than 27,151 hectares of land with 18 treatments to stop saltmarsh mosquitoes. This compares to the usual average of about 20,000 hectares and 14 treatments per season.
“Since beginning in 1926 our mosquito management program and fleet has evolved to be one of the most sophisticated in Australia, but the reality is Brisbane was built on a flood plain and we have a subtropical climate so having to control mosquitoes is a fact of life,” Cr Schrinner said.
“We can’t control the weather, but we can control our response to mosquitoes. Every year we ensure we do everything we can to annihilate those pesky and aggressive mosquitoes.
“Today marks the start of our annual aerial and ground spraying of more than 20,000 hectares.
“We are using helicopters, trucks, quad bikes and people on foot to cover every bit of land to stop mosquito larvae hatching.
“This season we will be replacing some of the quad bike fleet with six wheeled all-terrain vehicles for the on-ground spraying fleet which will ensure we can reach those hard to reach places, but also cause minimal damage to the surface of any wetlands.”
Cr Schrinner said preventing mosquitoes is first and foremost based on science and that is why medical entomologists drive Council’s treatment programs.
“We are the only local government in Australia to employ expert entomologists. When they say to spray, we spray,” he said.
“This past financial year their expert advice prompted a 35 per cent increase in hectares sprayed and an almost 30 per cent increase in sprays. We have an unlimited budget and resources to manage mosquitoes.
“Residents should have confidence in our ability to adapt to changing conditions. We are focused on destroying the mosquitoes before they hatch and travel from the mangroves to our residential and recreation spaces.”
Council’s Medical Entomologist Dr Martin Shivas said 2020 was a big year with record-breaking rain and lots of big tides.
“There were more hatch events because of these factors, as on one of the king tides we also had more than 100 millimetres of rain,” Dr Shivas said.
“We also treated more hatch events and borderline hatch events than usual because we want to keep on top of mosquitoes.”
Cr Schrinner said the Bureau of Meteorology has warned the predicted La Nina could deliver a wet summer.
“We are at the ready to get people on the ground, and in the air, at a moment’s notice to spray,” he said.
“We are also prepared for freshwater mosquitoes which tend to be a problem in wet summers and are treated by teams on the ground in trucks and quad bikes. There are more than 2500 known freshwater breeding sites across Brisbane and we monitor them every week and after rainfall.”
It is important residents also take steps to protect themselves and their homes from mosquitoes.
Residents are encouraged to keep yards empty of any water-holding containers such as buckets, pot plants, saucers and bird baths. You should also make sure windows, and all openings on rainwater tanks, are screened; and ensure roof gutters are not blocked with leaves.

Queensland Reservists recognised for their role in keeping community safe
Australians who put their lives on hold to serve the community during a year of devastating bushfires and a global pandemic are today being recognised at the Lord Mayor’s Reserve Forces Day celebration.
Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said hundreds of Brisbane reservists left their jobs, their families and their lives in support of state authorities to help keep the community safe during the pandemic and the bushfire recovery effort.
“Traditional July 1 Reserve Forces Day celebrations were postponed due to restrictions and now, as we slowly return to a sense of normalcy, is the perfect time to acknowledge the efforts of army, navy and air force reservists,” Cr Schrinner said.
“Our reservists always remain ready to serve their country during its hour of need and are required to maintain the same level of knowledge and expertise as full-time defence force members, while working their regular jobs
“This discipline, dedication and selflessness was crucial in helping us respond to the crises that have hit our nation in 2020 and continue to aid our recovery efforts.
“Thousands of reservists, including Brisbane reservists, gave their time and risked their health to support our frontline workers with logistical and medical support during quarantine efforts.
“Our city and state could not have kept COVID-19 under control as well as we have done without the assistance of our defence reservists.
“Thousands of Australian Defence Force reservists were also deployed to help with the bushfire recovery effort across Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. Through their assistance and valuable skills, our reservists were able to help fire-hit communities get back on their feet.
Commander of Army’s 11th Brigade (Queensland’s Army Reserve brigade) Brigadier David Thomae commended the efforts of the ADF Reserve over the past 12 months.
“ADF Reserve personnel from all over Queensland have made an enormous commitment to supporting state emergency services during the 2019/20 bushfires and more recently during COVID-19 pandemic.
“During the summer bushfires, reserve personnel were clearing paths back to people’s homes, providing life support to state emergency services and even helping re-fuel water bombers.
“At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Army Reserves were Queensland’s first and primary ADF response, supporting the Queensland Police with mandatory hotel quarantine, border control, quarantine of specific high-risk indigenous communities and contact tracing.
“As we approach the high risk weather season, the ADF Reserves are ready and able to support state emergency services wherever they may be needed,” Brigadier Thomae said.
Cr Schrinner said today’s ceremony was also an important time to thank employers and families for their flexibility, patience and support for reservists moving between work, home and Defence duties.

Join us under the Jacarandas at UQ and:
Find out which local park is getting the upgrade (hint: Taringa…)
Work with us to solve the traffic issues in Toowong… which school continues to have problems?
Why are we counting birds?
Meet UQ’s future Metro Station

Life in lockdown puts suburbs in spotlight for Lord Mayor’s Photographic Awards
A talented Brisbane resident who captured the touching Anzac Day dawn driveway tribute has perfectly documented life in the suburbs in 2020 and has taken out the top prize in the this year’s Lord Mayor’s Photographic Awards.
Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said this year’s theme, life in the suburbs, was a chance for people to reflect on their own experiences in suburbia during the global coronavirus pandemic, with nearly 2000 residents submitting photographs.
“Coronavirus has disrupted our lives and this year’s competition has created ever-lasting photographic documentation of what life looked like for Brisbane residents during a global pandemic,” Cr Schrinner said.
“Many residents will remember ‘lighting up the dawn’ this ANZAC Day and Lutwyche resident Poppy Masselos captured an incredible photo of this unforgettable service that has won the Open category.
“Residents’ appreciation of Brisbane’s parks and glorious walking trails has certainly grown ten-fold this year as we search for local attractions to keep entertained. A beautiful moment at the Nudgee Waterholes between photographer Diana Nocente and turtles surfacing for air has taken out the Green Heart category award.
“While cooped up at home for work and schooling, many of us have become well-acquainted with online meetings. Ashgrove’s Kylie Kluger has won the Student Category with her photo showing a young ballerina persevering with her lessons online during lockdown.
“Stretton resident Heather Crossley’s picture of pegs hanging on the clothesline cleverly captures Aussie life in the burbs’ and won the social media category.”
Cr Schrinner said the final judging was now in the hands of the Brisbane community with voting now open for the People’s Choice Award category.
“People from all walks of life and all levels of experience submitted nearly 2000 incredible works in this year’s competition and it’s now up to residents to pick their favourite from our shortlisted photographs in the People’s Choice Award,” he said.
“Voting for the People’s Choice Award winner is now open online, with the winner to receive a $1500 prize.”
To view this year’s winners and vote for the People’s Choice Award, visit Council’s website
Lord Mayor’s Photographic Awards 2020 winners, runner’s up and prizes include:
Open category – $5000
1. Winner: Poppy Masselos (Lutwyche) – Anzac
2. Description: ANZAC Day 2020 was like no other. Street ceremonies were held in every suburb to honour the servicemen and women from years past.
Open category first runner-up – $2000
1. First Runner Up: Rosemary Featherston (Wavell Heights) – No Title
2. Description: Ryan Street Library in West End – celebrating sharing, reading and great architecture.
Open category second runner-up – $1000
1. Second Runner Up: Tony Meredith (Holland Park) – No Title
2. Description: Watching the sun come up by the Brisbane River near the Kingsford Smith Drive upgrade project with its distinctive rest areas.
Green Heart category – $1500
1. Winner: Diana Nocente (Nudgee) – Watching You Too
2. Description: Photo taken from the observation deck at Nudgee Waterholes. I could see my own reflection in the air bubble coming from one of the turtles.
Student category – $1500
1. Winner: Kylie Kluger (Ashgrove) – Plies in the Playroom
2. Description: Staying connected during the COVID lockdown.
Social media category – $1500.
1. Winner: Heather Crossley (Stretton) – Genuine Australia Life in the Suburbs

Brisbane prepares for bushfire season with highest number of back burns in almost a decade
Brisbane is bushfire season ready with fire crews completing the highest number of hazard reduction burns in almost a decade, with 18 burns across an area of 300 hectares completed since January.
Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said it was vital bushfire preparations were done right.
“As we saw on the Gold Coast on Wednesday, bushfires can quickly run out of control and threaten homes and lives, so it’s up to every resident who lives close to parks or bushland to be prepared and have a plan,” he said.
“This time last year fires were burning across the country and we faced one of the most catastrophic bushfire seasons in some time.
“I want Brisbane to be as prepared as possible, and this year we have completed 80 per cent more planned burns and covered almost 46 per cent more land than in 2019.
“There was an added challenge to this year’s hazard reduction burn with the coronavirus pandemic requiring social distancing for crews, but despite this extra challenge they got in and got the job done.
“When and where we can complete planned burns is guided by several conditions that are out of our control, including temperature, rainfall and winds.
“We were lucky to have good conditions earlier in this year from May to July which meant we could do additional planned burns.
“While the ideal conditions to complete planned burns has likely now passed, we are continuing with proactive bushfire preparedness in other ways.
“We have Council staff reducing fuel hazard across more than 10,000 hectares of natural areas, including cutting grass, maintaining fire trails, slashing fire breaks and treating weeds.”
Cr Schrinner encouraged residents who live next to bushland or in rural areas to do their part in planning for bushfire season.
“People should prepare their properties by tidying the yard, clearing gutters and overhanging branches and raking up twigs and dried leaves from their property and readying their emergency kits,” he said.
“Residents are also encouraged to have an emergency kit as well as a bushfire survival plan and practice it with their family.
“Council and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services are hosting information sessions for residents in bushfire prone areas of the western suburbs and I encourage anyone who wants to find out more to attend.”
This year’s hazard reduction burns were conducted in Chermside West, Burbank, Belmont, Parkinson, Drewvale, Bardon, Kholo, Alderley, Aspley, Anstead, Mt Coot-tha and Karawatha.
No more planned burns will be completed this year unless conditions make it safe to do so. Council is unable to do any burns without a permit from QFES.

This week, Ironside State School opened their time capsule… what was inside?
Hear more about which road is getting a speed reduction.
How many bee hives got dropped off this week?
Watch this week’s Five Minute Friday to find out… and more

Which local road just had its speed limit reduced for road safety? In this email, you’ll find out. You’ll get an update on our Fix A Footpath Blitz, get news about community gardens, and a crime alert from Indooroopilly Police.

Community Gardens – progress continues
Stage 2 of the St Lucia community garden is nearing completion. The second stage of the earthworks to create a second tier is all but complete. Next stop: planter boxes.

The Taringa Community Garden is currently fenced off. Council is rolling out Stage 2 at this garden, too. This involves putting down gravel beds, making flat spaces and preparing for the storage shed, which is a specially designed shipping container (coming very soon). I’m thrilled to be able to deliver the funding for our community gardens, through Brisbane City Council.

As you may know, we had to cancel our Compost Hub launch because of a COVID scare, but we will reschedule. Meanwhile…

We have free plants in the office (unused promos from the compost hub launch) to give away. Please call for your free plant: 34070005.

Crime Alert
Indooroopilly Police have issued a Crime Alert: in just two weeks, our local area had 42 cars either stolen or broken into.

Remarkably, of the 35 cars that were broken into, 26 were left unlocked. Unremarkably, the Police urge everyone to lock their cars and to hide valuables.

This alert reminded me of a crime wave in San Francisco, where a car was broken into every 23 minutes. Watch the video.

Fix A Footpath Blitz
We’re on a blitz to fix local footpaths.

Since the blitz began last month, hundreds of trip hazards, dips, breaks, and missing sections have been fixed. Most of the fixes seem to be in Taringa, but residents in all suburbs are encouraged to get involved and report broken footpaths.

Check out the before and fixed photos from Lambert Rd. Don’t be shy! Call in broken footpaths: 34070005.

Meanwhile, more footpaths have been constructed: Toowong’s Gower Street, and Gunnin Street, Fig Tree Pocket (closes a long-endured missing link).

Watch out for…
There’s plenty happening locally. In the next few weeks:
• It’s back to school time, so remember to do 40km/h in school zones
• Storm season is approaching! If your street needs a sweep, please let us know. And if you have a minute, please make sure the stormwater drain in your street isn’t blocked. Let us know
• Sir John Chandler Park (Long Pocket) is getting some nice new park benches so you can enjoy the wonderful river view. If you would like to see a seat, bench or bubbler somewhere, we’re all ears.
• Nominate a hardworking local resident for a Lord Mayor’s Australia Day Award!
• Keating Park Memorial is getting a garden makeover in time for Remembrance Day.
• The brick wall on the corner of Burbong St and Moggill Rd is getting painted a lovely blue. We did extensive consultation through Chapel Hill, and that was easily the most popular colour.
Local improvements and upgrades
Brisbane City Council officers have been hard at work delivering the projects that we’ve been working on for some months. Locally, we’ve:
• Seen three more local streets resurfaced as part of Council’s capital works programs. Rennie and Lohe Streets in Indooroopilly and Carmody Rd in St Lucia are the latest smooth streets. Toowong’s Lodge Street also got resurfaced.
• Got the car park at Taringa Playground Park (opposite Bob Jane T-Mart) resurfaced (well, surfaced for the first time, actually) so now you can park there and not get covered in dust.
• Been thrilled that a new accessible footpath has been built in Hillsdon Road (Taringa). This involved removing two small trees and constructing a flexible path to allow pedestrians, cyclists and stroller-pushers to more easily access the area.
• Watched the first stage of construction of McCaul Street’s Avenue of Shade. This will assist Indooroopilly State High School students for their pick up and drop-off.
• Delivered a Flow Hive (Australian-designed and manufactured special beehive) to Vera Street Garden in Toowong. Now they can have bees pollinate their crops and enjoy delicious honey!
• Been notified that major drainage works are about to start on Gailey Rd (call 3407 0005 for details)
• Seen the pedestrian crossing on Swann Rd near completion.
• Secured a bus stop upgrade on Sherwood Rd, Toowong. It’s near Miskin Street and will include an extension to the turn-in, a shelter, and making it more accessible.
• Extended the life of the Walter Taylor Bridge by conducting essential road surface works. Thanks for your patience while the bridge was closed last week.
Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner runs a tight ship so it’s pleasing to be able to deliver so much while still maintaining responsible fiscal management.

Council goings-on
• Owning your first home is now easier under Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner: Brisbane City Council is making it easier to buy your first home by providing a 50% rates rebate for eligible first homeowners of up to $1000. Eligible first home buyers who buy or build a new home can now receive a 100% rebate of up to $2000. The applicable rebate will be provided over a 12 month period from the build completion date.
• Green Bridges Designs Popular: The proposed designs for the Kangaroo Point and Breakfast Creek Green Bridges have received overwhelming support from thousands of Brisbane residents who had their say on the latest design.
• New KittyCat catamarans to purr along Brisbane River: A fleet of mini catamarans, dubbed ‘KittyCats’, will sub in for Council’s suspended old timber ferry fleet while they undergo a lengthy assessment for restoration.
Speed limit reductions and reviews
In huge news for Indooroopilly, I’m pleased to say that our 12-month campaign to reduce speeds on local streets has had a win:

The speed limit on Harts Rd and Meiers Rd will be reduced to 50km/h to improve road safety.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback about safety in the area, specifically calling for a speed limit reduction. This is a huge win for our area and I sincerely appreciate your input in helping to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers.

The speed limit changes will come into effect on 27 October 2020. You will see portable electronic signs in the week preceding the change, so drivers will have ample opportunity to see the new speed limit before it is introduced.

Also, a concurrent campaign to reduce the speed on Russell Terrace and Chapel Hill Road has been running for about a year, too. While there’s been no official notification regarding the outcome of the speed limit review for these roads, I’m hopeful (based on the Harts Rd outcome) that we’ll see safety improvements near the Green Hill Reservoir, too.

A big shout out to all the locals who signed the petition for increased road safety in Chapel Hill! It’s been great working with Pullenvale Ward Councillor Greg Adermann for these changes.

Something for seniors
• The Lord Mayor’s Seniors Christmas Parties are always very popular and tickets open soon.
• Seniors groups are eligible for “Seniors Celebration Donations” of up to $300 per member (depending on applications).
• Council’s free off-peak travel for seniors is always very popular. if you haven’t signed up, you should!
If you’d like details on any of these things, please call our office for info: 3407 0005

Next time
I look forward to being able to let you know if our long campaign to get the speed limit reduced on Chapel Hill Rd and Russell Tce is successful. We should have a new date for the launch of the Taringa Composting Hub, and we should have news about rugby posts and cricket nets.


Cr James Mackay
Councillor for Walter Taylor

PS: Do you know what an Avenue of Shade is? This video explains the new one going in at Indooroopilly State High School.
PPS: Sending emails is the best way to share local news. Could you forward this email to a neighbour, or encourage them to sign up?

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This week, Ironside State School turns 150! Watch the ceremonial tree planting.
You can also see exactly how Ironside’s Avenue of Shade will come together.
Also, learn how Council is using Artificial Intelligence.
Shout out to Brigidine student Amaya, who is doing work experience in my office for her United Nations Youth Program. Thanks for your awesome videography! If you know someone who wants to do work experience, and internship or volunteer in the office, please call us on 3407 0005 for a chat

Adrian Schrinner
Lord Mayor

Overwhelming support for green bridge designs

The proposed designs for the Kangaroo Point and Breakfast Creek Green Bridges have received overwhelming support from thousands of Brisbane residents who had their say on the latest design.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said residents had been overwhelmingly enthusiastic about green bridges since day one, with the latest consultation cementing that positive outlook.

“Over the past month about 2200 people had their say on the design and proposed landing points of the planned Kangaroo Point and Breakfast Creek green bridges,” Cr Schrinner said.
“While the final detailed results won’t be known for a few more months, the positive feedback to date has confirmed Brisbane City Council is on the right track.

“We received more than 1300 online survey responses for both bridges since August, with about 70 per cent in favour of both bridge designs.

“The six pop-up information sessions held across the CBD, Newstead, Kangaroo Point and Hamilton were also very well attended with more than 350 attendees.

“We will now undertake detailed analysis of the feedback received and will continue to keep the community informed as planning for these projects progresses.”

Cr Schrinner said the next step for the exciting projects was shortlisting tenders for the two bridges, which was expected in November, alongside the final outcomes of the recent consultation sessions.

“These two bridges are being fast tracked as they’re major job drivers, employing more than 500 people, and the opportunities for the construction industry and suppliers will help Brisbane recover from the brutal economic hit of coronavirus,” he said.

“These bridges will deliver increased cross-river connectivity from the south and north and provide safe and convenient connections for pedestrians and cyclists.

“I am pleased to see that the community is so supportive of the initial designs of these two bridges, and their feedback will help inform the final design for each bridge.

“Every day we get one step closer to finalising the designs and being ready to kick start construction in 2021, subject to approvals.”