You may have seen a bit of banter recently about the Clarina Street playground.

Some of the commentary is a little bit mischievous, and suggests that the playground is going to be demolished and not replaced.

This is far from true.

Let me clear it up for you: Before November 2019, a Brisbane City Council “Play Safe Compliance Officer” conducted a safety audit on this playground and determined that while it looks good above ground, there are safety concerns below the ground. Some of the footings are rotting, which means it’s now deemed to be requiring replacement because soon it won’t meet Australian Standards. I’m sure no one would advocate taking a chance having unsafe playground equipment that could endanger the lives of children

In the middle of June I did a mail drop in this area advising residents that the playground had been loved to death and needed to be replaced. In that letter I suggested a proposal where we replace the playground with nature play, which has been shown to develop both physical and cognitive skills. This would involve creating a playground out of boulders, stumps and logs.

I invited neighbours to comment or provide suggestions about what would they like to see.

Here’s the important bit: it’s not like this great little playground will be removed and not replaced.

IT WILL BE REPLACED, it’s just a matter of finding out what people would like to see. Watch the video for more information.

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