Welcome to the first 5-minute Friday of March!
In this week’s local news update:
⭐️ Family BBQ 🌭
⭐️ Green Heart Fair 🪴
⭐️ St Lucia Bowls Club
⭐️ West Toowong Memorial Day 🕊
⭐️ Indooroopilly Canoe Club Shed 🚣
⭐️ Hawken Village Upgrade 🚧
⭐️ Women in Uniform 👩‍✈️
⭐️ Clean Up Australia Day ♻️
⭐️ Jesmond Rd footpath 🥳
#TeamSchrinner #CrJamesMackay #DeathCorner #Footpaths #LawnBowls #Canoes #Toowong #Indooroopilly #Local #Community

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