To enliven the High and Benson Street Intersection in Toowong, Brisbane Canvas is providing a unique street art design. The highly renowned artist, Simon Degroot, was selected for this project due to his standing and unique practice.

Whilst the first step of the process – the removal of the old artwork – has been completed, the second phase (the new artwork) is proposed to be installed mid-late July (exact date to be determined by QR).

Artwork Concept from the Artist:
Marginalia Wrapped brings together enlarged gestural marks and abstracted details to wrap the Toowong Overpass. Starting with a collection of shapes from the built environment I have applied these to patterned fabric that is captured in a moment of flowing movement, further abstracting these shapes and creating an illusion of shifting perspectives. As patterned shapes wrap the mural surface – covering and enfolding the structure – they are overlaid with enlarged gestural marks celebrating the individual and creating a human connection in urban space. These enlarged gestural scribbles transform the incidental into the monumental in this work. The design references an idea of simultaneous concealing and revealing as the gestural marks are painted as a translucent overlay on the surface of the work.

Artist Bio:
My practice includes researching particular histories of place in order to create large-scale murals in the built environment. I have a passion and demonstrated experience in creating large-scale public wall paintings. My public artworks respond to local environments by either focusing on specific details or a personal response to place. I am particularly interested in ways that artists can make use of painted graphic forms to highlight a sense of place and identity – how mural painting can build a visual experience of being in the world.

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