An awareness overview of crime occurrences in Brisbane’s Inner West suburbs from 09/12/2019 to 15/12/2019.
Most of these incidents are crimes of opportunity. As such, Police suggest you take precautionary measures by keeping your valuables out of sight, your keys safe and remember to lock up your homes and cars.

Chapel Hill:
• Eaglie Street – Wilful Damage [Vehicle’s panels keyed – 01/12/2019 to 10/12/2019]

• Moggill Road – Stealing from a Motor Vehicle [Car park / Front registration plate – 13/12/2019]
• Lambert Road – Stealing from a Motor Vehicle [Unit complex car park / Front registration plate – 13/12/2019 to 14/12/2019]
• Station Road – Wilful Damage [Front shop window damaged – 09/12/2019 to 10/12/2019]

St Lucia:
• Carmody Road – Break and Enter [Cash stolen – 09/12/2019]
• Bellevue Terrace – Stealing from a Premises [Unit complex garage – 10/12/2019 to 11/12/2019]
• Walcott Street – Steal from a Motor Vehicle [Front and rear registration plates – 11/12/23019 to 12/12/2019]

• Land Street x 7 – Stealing from a Premises [unit complex underground car park – 08/12/2019 to 09/12/2019]
• Sylvan Road – Stealing from a Motor Vehicle [Sporting complex car park – 14/12/2019 to 15/12/2019]
• Quinn Street – Stealing from a Motor Vehicle [Front registration plate – 13/12/2019 to 16/12/2019]

It is important to contact Policelink on 131 444 if you see any suspicious behaviour in your neighbourhood. Most crimes are solved through information given to police from the public, as you are the eyes and ears of the community.

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